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  • A destination which receives 1 million visitors/tourists a year

  • 200-500 sq feet as an optimal store front  (kiosk is preferred over store front)

  • Location in a tourist shopping/dining district with high foot traffic

    • Ex: historic downtowns with eclectic & boutique tenants and specialty shops such as ice cream, candy and other unique options

  • An area that is poised for growth and local area development

  • Community drivers such as art fairs, annual community events and festivals

Some "key ingredients" to keep in mind:

Investment opportunity

As distributors Mondepice is now happy to offer our knowledge as a tea and spice company. With our success in NY and our returning customers in florida, we have a proven concept that can have no barriers. 

To be considered for a Mondepice "business opportunity," potential clients are required to have a minimum of $60,000 in funds available to invest. This does not include any potential store front rental fees, or built in kiosk fees that may be requested. Read more

Business package opportunity breakdown

  • Establishment Fee: $35,000 establishment package includes, but is not limited to, a full line of opening inventory and necessary equipment needed for effective store operations). Read more

  • Concept Fee: $25,000 includes all details necessary to run a successful business, (advertising campaign, merchandising schemes, marketing initiative). Read more

  • Construction Fee: fully designed wooden product display, fixtures such as (shelves), is included in the package. However, built in structures such as kiosk or store fees are not included. We estimate a fee that can go from $40,000 up to $150,000.

  • Since this is a "Business Opportunity," and not a "legal franchise,"we are able to set our price at an affordable rate avoiding franchise fees/royalties. Please note, our business name is not included in this packet. We also do not include shipping cost for products, although we will work with you to get the best available prices. Please keep in mind that "establishment Fee" is for opening inventory only and does not include future products. 




Still have questions? Get in touch!

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