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Mondepice is an amazing concept, uniquely designed and adaptable to numerous location sizes and types. Typically a location requires approximately 200 to 600 square feet of space, designed to create a warm, friendly atmosphere for everyone. Your shop will be efficient, both in staff and layout requirements, creating a suitable concept for just about anywhere. upon agreement, you will receive essential tools and support that will guide you along the way. You will benefit from our:



  • Establishment package: which includes, but is not limited to, a full line of opening inventory and necessary equipment needed for effective store operations. essentials such as ( fully designed wooden product display, fixtures, signs, glass jars, packaging, scale, scoops, labels, business cards, and product stickers.


  •   Site Selection and Start-Up Guidance: We work closely with you throughout the site selection process and our project management team supervises the entire build-out process of your new Shop.

  •  Operations Manual: You will receive a copy of our complete and confidential document, containing our established standards and procedures and importantly, written so you can easily understand them!

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