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The history to our passion for teas, spices and flavors

Four generations ago our family started a small spice business in the surroundings of Naples Italy. Very soon after, the quality as well as the variety of their products resulted as an immediate success.

Early 1960s our branch of the family expanded the business to the South of France and then Paris (Gallerie Lafayette) where they are still today providing exceptional quality spices to French connoisseurs and Chefs.

In 2003, the two Cousins Francois and Bruno decided to come to America, to share their approach to culinary excellence through our search of only 1st grade products.

We proudly reference

-50 varieties of homemade spice blends, such as, the Fish and the Moroccan Tajine Blend and many more...

-50 different Salt & Peppers

-70 original Spices Herbs & Seeds

We carry over 7 varieties of teas: Black, Green &White Tea, Hibiscus, Rooibos, and Herbal & Wellness Tea, for a total of 150 Exotic Imported Teas.

"We are dedicated in our pure Family Tradition to bring to you the best of what Mother Earth has to offer."

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