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Our favorite ways to use tumeric.

Tumeric can be used in many different ways...

Some of our favorite ways is in tea.

We have a special blend with lemongrass, organic black tea and tumeric roots. This wonderfully blended tea is excellent to accompany you as your morning ritual.

Another fun way can be on your rice. You can simply add a teaspoon of tumeric for each cup of rice, stir and let cook. Add frozen peas chopped cilantro or parsley as desired. We also have a special blend for a Spanish rice with (saffron, tumeric, and pábrika) it’s called “special rice and paella blend,” for a more risqué dish.

Use it on your fish or poultry. Like mentioned in our previous blogs, one of our popular blends is our “fish blend,” which has a base of tumeric. Great for any white fish or salmon it’s both tasty as it is healthy. Tumeric can also pair nicely with poultry. Our one of a kind poultry blend combined with tumeric lemongrass, bay leaves, and coriander can quickly become a family favorite.

And most recently our new discovery was to add a teaspoon of tumeric on chicken soup. With delicious chopped potatoes, peas, carrots, celery and a pinch of parsley.

It’s très bon!

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