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“Introducing ‘The Queen of the Spices’ into Your Kitchen”

Cardamom is an important ingredient in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, and (thanks to the ancient Vikings’ exploration of Constantinople), is also an important part of Scandinavian cooking. Sometimes called “the queen of the spices”, its flavor is strong and distinct enough to add a unique and surprising touch to any dish it is a part of- whether it is flavoring sweets and chai or defining stews and soups.

In addition to its unique flavor, Cardamom is a superfood in its own right. Cardamom features heavily in traditional medicine in some parts of the world, and studies have shown that Cardamom can assist with a range of ailments- from circulatory and respiratory problems to bad breath.

Haven’t integrated cardamom into your kitchen yet? Have no fear, MondEpice sells authentic Cardamom green pods. Here are some recipes to help you get cooking with cardamom.

Cardamom Chicken Rice Pilaf

“No matter how you dress it up, chicken is chicken” said a friend of mine once, who was apparently sick of eating poultry every day. When cardamom becomes part of the recipe, I’d beg to differ. This recipe turns the traditional weeknight staple of chicken and rice into something that will warm you from the inside out and be talked about for time to come.

Warm Cardamom Honey Milk

The ingredients of this concoction are simple- honey, milk, cinnamon, and cardamom (be sure to buy your cinnamon from MondEpice). If you notice that this tastes like chai, you’d be correct in your belief- cardamom is the biggest reason that chai tastes like chai.

Cardamom Shortbread Cookies

What’s the best thing to have with tea on a cool night? If you answered “cardamom shortbread cookies”, you answered right. Even for those who are scared of baking from scratch, this recipe is simple and memorable, and will leave everyone begging for more.

MondEpice sells cardamom green pods- the same way you would buy them in an Indian spice bazaar. If you don’t have some in your kitchen, what are you waiting on? Take some home today.

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